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School Motto

Freedom and Equality

Peace and Open-mindedness


Basic Principles

  • Quest for Truth

  • Contribution to Local and International Communities

  • Pursuit of Peace and Co-Existence

– Basic Objectives of the University of the Ryukyus –

1. Vision

Based on a philosophy inculcated from its beginning as a “land grant university”, the University aims to become an excellent educational research hub in the Asia-Pacific region by demonstrating its strengths and serving as an international center for new academic fields that include tropical climate, islands, marine, and medical research, so as to become “a university that creates a prosperous society for the future together with the local community”.



Utilizing our philosophy from our founding days, the university plans to build an educational research hub capable of contributing to Okinawa, Japan, and the rest of the world.



The University will accelerate its progress as an innovative university capable of responding swiftly to social changes to serve as a central hub for regional revitalization.



[Contribution Through Education]
In addition to guaranteeing the quality of academic degrees conferred and ensuring that all programs meet with critical international standards, the university will equip students with highly specialized knowledge and problem-solving skills based on an extensive foundation of the liberal arts, while nurturing in them the ability to actively serve and contribute in a global setting.

[Contribution Through Research]
Through innovative outcomes and the creation of new values based on research that harnesses the full potential of local and regional characteristics, together with the promotion of interdisciplinary and educational research for the advancement of community development, the university aims to build an academic research hub that fulfills a unifying purpose within the Asia-Pacific region.

[Contribution Through Social and International Partnerships]
The University shall utilize global cooperation partnerships such as the “Uchinanchu Network”, strengthen cooperation with industry, administrative agencies, as well as universities and research institutes, both in Japan and abroad, to contribute to regional revitalization and globalization.

[University Governance]
In order to respond to the changing needs of society, the university shall strengthen its organizational and financial structures, while developing itself strategically and swiftly to improve its education research capabilities. The University shall also endeavor towards an approach to management that complies with the strict standards imposed by both internal and external assessments and evaluations.