Notification: Change in the Response Period to Prevent the Spread of Infection and Continue Socio-Economic Activities (Okinawa Prefecture Response Policy)

May 27, 2022

To Students, Faculty and Staff Members,

Risk Management Headquarters (for COVID-19 infection Control)
University of the Ryukyus

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you for your understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The Government of Okinawa Prefecture has announced its request for the period from Friday, May 27 to Thursday, June 23 for a response period to prevent the spread of the infection, protect health systems and continue socio-economic activities (Okinawa Prefecture Response Policy), and we ask you to check and comply with it.

This request is the revised version of the May 16, 2022, request to protect health systems and consider measures against heatstroke when wearing masks outdoors and in PE classes and cancel club activity camps and training games/matches.

About wearing masks outside and in PE classes, it is especially a lot different from the countermeasures we have taken so far. As for students and faculty and staff members, please fully understand the purpose of the change.

  • It is not necessary to wear masks outdoors if keeping a distance from others is possible and even if in a situation where you cannot keep a distance from others but there is less communication required.
  • It is recommended to not wear masks during summertime to prevent heatstroke.
  • Masks are not required when it is possible to keep a distance from others and in PE classes or in club activities. However, depending on where you practice or at a locker room, etc., and during meals or being in a group, please take thorough measures including wearing masks.

Lastly, there is the COVID-19 infection spread alert in mainland Okinawa and Miyako Island. It requests particularly for university students and vocational school students to refrain from high-risk activities, such as gathering with friends and eating out. We ask that you continue to take basic infection control measures.