President’s message to students ~ at the beginning of the Spring Semester, Academic Year 2021 ~

April 6, 2021
University of the Ryukyus

We are now starting the new academic year in circumstances where the infection of COVID-19 is spreading in Okinawa and nationwide after the end of the period for the declared state of emergency in February and March.  In our university, recently we have more cases that students were infected outside the university, probably because they were feeling relaxed during the spring break.
Therefore, we would like to ask you for cooperation by following our guidelines below:

 (1) When having a meal with a group (except family members), the number of members is recommended to be four or less.  Even if it is a small group, it is recommended to wear a mask during conversations, not to speak loudly, reduce eating and drinking, and shorten mealtime.  

 (2) For extracurricular activities, please follow the “Guideline for Restrictions on Activities for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19” of our university as well as infection control guidelines provided for related sports activities, arts and cultural activities and so on.

 (3) If an infection is confirmed, if you are considered as a “close contact”, or if you are in poor health condition, please do not hesitate to contact the Health Administration Center, the Office of the Faculty you belong to, or the General Affairs Section, according to the “Notice for contact information in case of poor health condition".
The purpose of this request for contacting is to take measures to prevent the spread of infection based on reported information, and it will not cause any disadvantage to the person by contacting the university.

 At the beginning of the spring semester in the academic year 2021, we would like to ask all students to confirm again the “Notice for means of conducting lectures in the spring semester for the academic year 2021(written in Japanese)”.  Information regarding COVID-19 is put on our official website and it is updated constantly.  Please check our website regularly.

 I sincerely hope that all students are starting new learning activities smoothly while paying necessary attention.