Notice for contact information in case of poor health condition

August 3, 2020

For Students, Faculty and Staff Members:

Currently, the number of people infected with COVID-19 is increasing rapidly in Okinawa.  In particular, it is said that many young people are asymptomatic.  If you feel discomfort, please contact the Health Administration Center, the Office of the Faculty you belong to, or the General Affairs Section at the contact numbers below.

In addition, we would like to ask you to take the following actions.
① Rest at home
② Refrain from going out
Even if the symptom has subsided, please do not go out at your own discretion and contact the Health Administration Center or the Office of the Faculty you belong to.
* In some cases, PCR tests show positive after the fever has gone down.

【Contact Information of Faculties/Graduate Schools/Offices】
Faculty/Gradaute School/Section Section Phone E-mail
Contact infor for University Headquarters General Affairs Section 098-895-8012
Health Administration Center   098-895-8144

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences/
Faculty of Law & Letters

Graduate School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Affairs Section 098-895-8188
Graduate School of Law Law School Section 098-895-8091

Faculty of Global & Regional Studies/ Faculty of Tourism Sciences & Industrial Management

Graduate School of Tourism Sciences

Academic Affairs Section 098-895-9053
Faculty of Education Academic Affairs Section 098-895-8317
Graduate School of Education Graduate School Section 098-895-8317
Faculty of Science/ Graduate School of Engineering & Science (Science major) Academic Affairs Section 098-895-8595

Faculty of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine/ Graduate School of Health Sciences

Student Support Subsecion, Academic Affairs Section 098-895-1055
Faculty of Engineering/ Graduate School of Engineering & Science (Engineering major) Academic Affairs Section 098-895-8583
Faculty of Agriculture/ Graduate School of Agriculture Academic Affairs Section 098-895-8738
Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division General Education Subsecion 098-895-8853
Concerning study abroad and international students Global Education Subsecion 098-895-8131
Concerning job search/placement Student Support Subsecion (Placement unit) 098-895-8118
Concerning work by faculty/staff members Staff Member Section 098-895-8027

*Health Observation: Flowchart
*Campus Advisory for COVID-19 (September 30, 2020)