Student recruitment guidelines(Written in Japanese)

Graduate School

Admission Requirements

Graduate schools offer two-year master's programs and three-year doctoral programs. (The doctoral program in the Graduate School of Medicine requires 4 years.) Foreign applicants eligible for admission as graduate students are:

▸Those who have completed 16 years of formal education outside the Japanese educational system, or those who have completed an equivalent course of study and have been designated as qualified by the Minister of Education (For admission to the Graduate School of Medicine, completion of 18 years of formal education is required.)

▸Those who completed their university education in Japan or those who have an equivalent or higher level of academic ability
Those who possess a Master's degree for Doctoral Programs application

Application documents can be obtained from each graduate school. For more information about applications and entrance examinations, please contact the office of the graduate school concerned. (For further inquiries, please refer to the last page for the contact information.)

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