The Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability engages in studies of Okinawa as well as other islands of Japan and around the world. RIIS fosters multidisciplinary approaches to societal, cultural, and political issues that are characteristic to islands. Consisting of a chain of small islands, Okinawa is recognized as the premier site for its internationality, diversity, and uniqueness. Bringing forward the academically rich characteristics of Okinawa, through comparative as well as regional approaches, RIIS initiates and has been working on a num-ber of diverse research projects, including cultural diversity of islands communities, sustain-able societal and economic models for islands, inter-islands relationships, and relationship between islands and continents. RIIS also promotes various research collaborations with na-tional and international research institutions and scholars, and is currently building a nis-sology archival data base. Through its research, publications, and public symposiums, the Institute continues to contribute to our communities.