The Organization for Research Promotion was founded in 2015 in order to further reinforce both fundamental research and research that reflects the regional characteristics of Okinawa.
The Organization is made up of institutions that already existed at the time it was founded ̶     such as university-wide laboratories and research-promotion organizations, the University Museum (Fujukan), and the Center for Research Advancement and Collaboration ̶     as well as the Center for Strategic Research Projects, which handles research projects that cross departmental lines, and the Research Planning Office. The purpose of the Center for Strategic Research Projects is to contribute to improving the standard of the university’s research by assisting researchers who play key roles in distinctive research projects so that they can concentrate on research. In addition to pursuing research on traditional topics in greater depth, the center has also begun working to open up new fields of research that transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines or departments.
The Research Planning Office is an organization for research promotion that has as members highly specialized research administrators (URAs) who manage research. The office uses its diverse range of human resources in activities to support improvement in the research environment, such as by surveying and analyzing research activity, helping to improve research ethics, assisting in the obtaining of competitive funding such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, planning and stimulating research projects, disseminating research results, and assisting in the creation of international research hubs.