Organization for Regional Collaboration is comprised of the Regional Collaboration Planning Office, the Organization for the Promotion of Industry, University and Government Collaboration, and the Organization for the Promotion of Lifelong Learning.
The objectives of the institute are to strategically promote ̶     from a university-wide and integrated perspective ̶     the university’s projects regarding regional collaboration, industry-university-government collaboration, and the promotion of lifelong learning, to contribute to the development of human resources and the promotion of industry in regional society, and to stimulate educational and research activity at the university by means of various regional collaboration activities. Moreover, among the three focused support options offered in the reform of national universities, the university chose the option of being a “university that makes regional contributions,” so the institute plays the important role of a “think tank in action” by means such as collaborating with the university’s faculties and graduate schools, collaborating with university-wide organizations for the functional enhancement of the university, i.e., the Organization for Research Promotion and the Institute for Global Education, and coordinating actively with organizations outside the university, such as industry, government entities, and institutions of higher education.


A matching event (an agribusiness development fair)

A meeting of the Okinawa Collaborative Industry-Academia-Government Roundtable for Human Resources Development