【Faculty of Medicine】

Research Laboratory Center

The Research Laboratory Center operates large laboratory equipment and provides technical support in order to contribute to the promotion of medical research and education in the Faculty of Medicine.

Institute for Animal Experiments

The Institute contributes to education and research in the Faculty of Medicine and related areas by breeding and managing laboratory animals, conducting animal experiments, conducting alternative animal experiments, and engaging in education, development, research, etc., with regard to laboratory animals.



【Faculty of Engineering】

Manufacturing Laboratory

The Manufacturing Laboratory serves as a base for the Department of Engineering’s manufacturing education related to mechanical engineering.

It is a machine plant where one learns how to manufacture things precisely, quickly, efficiently, and safely. The laboratory hosts lectures on manufacturing and provides practical training in material processing; in order to train technicians to a high level of competence, the laboratory carries out practical training in small groups on a wide variety of topics. The laboratory has machining centers and CNC machine tools suited to the evolving technologies of processing and places particular emphasis on education regarding programming for the control of these machines. Furthermore, the laboratory assists the university’s education and research by manufacturing a wide variety of machines and equipment for use in engineering experiments, graduation thesis research, and graduate school research.



【Faculty of Agriculture】

Subtropical Field Science Center

The Subtropical Field Science Center manages two fields: Senbaru Field, situated adjacent to the Faculty of Agriculture, and Yona Field, located in the northern part of Okinawa Island. The Center uses the crops, livestock to conduct field education and research. The Center is responsible for the practical education and research of the faculty’s students, covering everything from the basics to applied research, with crop cultivation, protected horticulture, and animal husbandry being carried out at Senbaru Field and forestry at Yona Field.