The Center for Research Advancement and Collaboration is an interdepartmental institute for education and research made up of the Instrumental Research Facility, the Chemical Management Office, the Environmental Research Facility, the Radio Isotope Management Facility, and the Low-Temperature Facility. The Instrumental Research Facility has a total of more than 50 different analytical instruments of various types as well as large-format printers and performs analyses in response to requests from both inside and outside the university. The Chemical Management Office provides operational support to the university’s chemical substance management system and conducts awareness programs, such as short courses on safety, while the activities of the Environmental Research Facility include managing experimental waste and performing water-quality tests on wastewater throughout the University. The Radio Isotope Management Facility, an experimental facility specializing in the handling of radioactive materials, manages radiation safety. Furthermore, the Low-Temperature Facility produces liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and liquid helium (-269°C) that are used widely for applications such as cryopreservation and superconductivity.