■Elementary School

The educational objective of the school is for every student to have both a dream and the ability to live in the society of the future. The 21st century is an era that cherishes individuality, so the school aims to educate children so that they will all have big dreams that will serve them as goals for their future, and so that they will be able to live that future independently.

Moreover, in accordance with the school’s basic educational philosophy, the school educates children to be intellectually, morally, and physically balanced.

Total prescribed enrollment: 630 / Number of classes: 20



■Junior High School

The educational objective of the school is to mold the nature of the students so that they will think carefully, have healthy feelings, and behave spontaneously, and the school aims to foster in the students the ability to live. While engaging in collaborative research with the faculty members of the Faculty of Education, the school teaches in a creative way, striving to educate students to think things over carefully, solve problems on their own, and see things through to the end with determination.

The school also engages in teacher training, in which it takes in teaching interns and hones their practical ability to educate children. In addition, the school contributes to the community by working to build collaboration with public schools and other entities through the wide dissemination of the results of educational research and practice.

Total prescribed enrollment: 480 / Number of classes: 12