Attention for the Year-End and New Year Holidays

December 23, 2021

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff Members:

Risk Management Headquarters
(for COVID-19 Infection Control)
University of the Ryukyus

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you for your understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On November 1, we lowered the level for restriction on activities on campus to “level 1” and have implemented mitigation measures such as gradually expanding face-to-face lectures, while requesting you to take infection control measures based on the basic policy countermeasures against COVID-19 issued by the Okinawa Prefectural Government.

It is currently reported that there have been some cases of a new highly infectious variant (Omicron variant) in Okinawa Prefecture.  There were only one digit number of infection per day in our prefecture so far in early December, but since the beginning of this week, the number has been increased to two digits (reported as 25 people for today’s number of infection). 

Moreover, an “Infection Spread Alert” was issued for 5 municipalities in the northern area and the alert level might be raised throughout the prefecture.

Unlike last year, it is expected that there will be more opportunities for interactions with family and friends during the year-end and New Year Holidays.  Please note that, as we already announced in the notice from the Risk Management Headquarters on November 26, there are some restrictions for dining (eating and drinking) for an “alert area.”  Also, please comply with the requests for the year-end and New Year’s events (returning home, year-end/New Year party, coming-of-age ceremony) and make sure that you will be in good physical condition at the beginning of the new year.

[Reference information for infection control measures]

1. Basic policy for the countermeasures against COVID-19 taken by the Okinawa Prefectural Government

2. Measures to be taken on the basic response policy (Cabinet Secretariat)

3. COVID-19 Infection (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)