Announcement about COVID-19 vaccination at the University ~ (prior notice No.2)

July 6, 2021

To Students, Faculty and Staff Members:

Risk Management Headquarters
(for COVID-19 Infection Control)
University of the Ryukyus

Concerning the COVID-19 vaccination at the University, we made the announcement on June 28 that we have made arrangements for the implementation of the first vaccination after July 14.  However, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare informed that, for the mass vaccinations which implementation dates are not yet finalized, vaccinations will be basically arranged for the week of August 9 or after.

According to the announcement by the Ministry, we are rescheduling the dates of COVID-19 vaccination at our university as follows.

The dates of vaccination will be announced as soon as the dates are fixed.

Please note that if you have an opportunity to get two shots of vaccine implemented by the municipality in your area, you can get them in your area.

〇 Vaccination Periods:
【1st vaccination】After Wednesday, July 14 → Week of August 9 or after (rescheduling)
【2nd vaccination】After Thursday, August 12 → Week of September 6 or after (rescheduling)