Message from the President ~Together, we can defeat the new coronavirus~

April 1, 2020

University of the Ryukyus

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff Members,

The 2020 academic year has just begun as Japan and the world are fighting against the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

At the University of the Ryukyus, the Risk Management Headquarters (for New Coronavirus Infection Control) was established on February 3 and has been implementing several measures, including the warnings to students, faculty and staff members, holding a scaled-down Graduation Ceremony, postponing the Entrance Ceremony, and promoting flexible measures for classes and work.

What we have put our great importance on are (1) paying careful attention to our students as well as faculty and staff members not to be infected and not to become a source of infection, and (2) providing learning opportunities for students as much as possible.

The guidelines on class instruction will be announced separately and each Faculty has been deliberating measures for providing classes.  To satisfy both (1) and (2) above, it may be necessary to make changes in ways of thinking about the nature of classes.  This may result in some inconveniences to students, faculty and staff members. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.  We all have a responsibility in the fight against the new coronavirus.  Under these circumstances, we encourage all of you to share your wisdom and face the challenge together.

I would like to make the following requests to each of you.  Because the infection can be asymptomatic, many people, especially young people, may not notice that they are infected. Consequently, anyone can become an infection source without knowing it.  We have to understand that we may transmit infection to other people and threaten their lives.

  • Exercise extreme caution not to bring the virus to the university campus.
    Please observe your health condition every day.  If you don’t feel well (have a fever, shortness of breath, or sense of weariness and so on), please contact the university and do not come to the campus.
  • Even if your health condition is NOT bad, please keep in mind that you may be infected and act accordingly.
    Avoid the “Three Cs” (closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places, and close-contact settings such as close-range conversations).  On campus, don’t create classrooms or other places with such an environment.
  • Avoid activities that increase risk of infection outside campus.
    In particular, gathering where people eat and drink is high-risk.

Information and announcements related to the New Coronavirus Infection are available at the following site:

Information will be updated as circumstances develop, so check the information frequently.
We, as members of the University of the Ryukyus, will work together and overcome the crisis.