Guidelines on Class Instruction for AY2020 First Semester (April 8)

April 8, 2020

To All Students of All Faculties and Departments

Director of Education and Student Support
(official seal omitted)

Guidelines on Class Instruction for AY2020 First Semester (dated April 8)

*Class commencement dates and procedures for class registration have changed since the University’s announcement on April 1. Students are advised to check regularly for the most recent developments.

Given current concerns over the Covid-19 outbreak, all students are requested to understand and abide by the following guidelines regarding classes for AY 2020 First Semester.

While the University is committed to doing its utmost to ensure the health and safety of the campus population, in particular the prevention of infection clusters and community-spread, we would like for all students remain socially aware, and exercise mindfulness and civic responsibility at all times.

(1)   Changes to methods of class/lecture instruction

1. In consideration of the recent increase in Covid-19 cases confirmed within the prefecture, the University is currently boosting preparedness for students to attend classes remotely, minimizing the need for students to physically enter campus grounds. Class commencement will be postponed for 2-4 weeks (please consult your respective faculty office for more information), although students must remember to conduct procedures for class registration before classes officially begin.

2.A portion of classes may still require face-to-face instruction. In this case, the University will take all precautions necessary to maintain safe social distancing. In situations where student and faculty safety are in danger of being compromised, the University may make the decision to withdraw the offering of such classes for the semester. Students must inform themselves of changes to their registered classes, which will be announced through the online academic information and syllabus portals as and when they take place.

3.Students are requested to remain at home and refrain from coming to the University when attending classes conducted through online learning. Students without access to the internet may utilize the University’s wireless network. Students on campus must refrain from gathering in closed confines (e.g. classrooms) and observe safe social distancing.

(2)    Requests for Cooperation

1.Students must monitor their health by taking their body temperatures twice a day (morning and evening). Students must refrain from coming to the University if they feel unwell and inform their respective faculty office of their condition immediately. Students who have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been assessed to be at risk of contracting Covid-19 will be asked to take a leave of absence from classes. In this case, the University will ensure that students will not be assessed unfairly nor bear disadvantages as a result of their condition(s).

2.Students are requested to consult their respective faculty office and/or academic advisor if they require advice on academic matters or campus life.

3.Important information regarding classes will be announced on the University’s website, as well as the respective websites of each faculty/department. Students may also access their campus email and the University’s online education services portal for timely updates. Students are encouraged to check for the latest information at least once a day.

4.Students entering the campus must ensure that their hands are thoroughly washed and disinfected before entering classrooms and/or closed confines. Students must abide by the instructions of the class instructor and wear face masks as a means of infection prevention.

5.When in classrooms, students must be seated at least one seat apart and exercise maximum effort in maintaining physical distance from others. (The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends maintaining physical distance of at least 1.8 meters from other people.)  

(3)   Other Requests

1.    Students are requested to limit exposure to other people by observing safe social distance, avoiding enclosed spaces, crowded venues and close contact with other people at all times, especially during mealtimes and usage of shared dining spaces.

2.Everyone is susceptible to Covid-19; risk of infection can be reduced with the right information and forms of action. Following official requests from the prefecture of Okinawa, students must refrain from unnecessary travel of any kind, be it domestic (within Japan) or international.

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Updates on Covid-19:

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