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The Graduate School of Tourism Sciences, established in 2009, is the newest graduate school in the University.
The main characteristic of the graduate school is its unique educational programs that allow graduate students to acquire interdisciplinary and specialized knowledge about tourism. The education framework of our graduate school is based on the core value of “sustainability”. Before selecting a specific field of specialization, students learn the basics of the three main fields of tourism: tourism business, tourism development, and tourism resource management. This trains students to develop the ability to examine tourism studies from a specialized and multidisciplinary approach. The graduate school also conducts classes on Okinawa, which is a leading tourist destination in Japan.
The aim of our graduate school is to cultivate human resources that can lead tourism in Okinawa, Japan and around the globe, so as to realize the goal of making Japan a truly tourism-oriented country. In addition, our school hopes to nurture prospective leaders who will be able to power mutual understanding internationally and stimulate both national and local economies in the future.

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