1. Student Dormitory

The student dormitory houses both Japanese and international students. All rooms at the Ippan-to, Konju-to and Shin-Konju-to are for single occupancy, and residents of the Ippan-to and Konju-to share the use of common kitchens and shower rooms. Units in the Shin-Konju-to are fully equipped with en-suite kitchens, shower rooms and toilets.

Monthly Rent Monthly Utilities Monthly Electricity Charges
Ippan-to 4,300yen 4,400yen As per quantity consumed
Konju-to 4,700yen 8,400yen
Shin-Konju-to 15,000yen 4,000yen
Shin-to 25,000yen 5,000yen

2.University of the Ryukyus International House

The International House is designed to provide housing for international students and researchers. The House consists of single and family rooms, and the term of residence for each type of room is one year. Single rooms are reserved primarily for short-term exchange students and are not open to application by other foreign students.

Monthly Rent for Students Monthly Rent for Researchers Monthly Maintenance Fee Monthly Water and Gas Charges Annual Cleaning Fee
Family 30,000yen 35,000yen 3,000yen Charged according to amount used 23,000yen
Couple 25,000yen 30,000yen 3,000yen 20,900yen
Single 5,900yen 8,600yen 3,000yen 12,000yen

Due to the limited availability of on-campus housing, the university is unable to accommodate all applications for university housing. Students have the alternative of selecting from a large number of privately-owned apartments located around the campus. In general, housing costs in Okinawa are lower compared to those of other larger cities in Japan.