Group Including the Honorable David Y. Ige, Governor,
State of Hawaii Visited the University of Ryukyus

On October 9, a group led by the honorable David Y. Ige, Governor, State of Hawaii, paid a visit to the University of the Ryukyus and attended a welcome reception hosted by University President Hajime Ooshiro, the university director and vice-president, several deans, and related faculty.

Governor Ige assumed office in December 2014 and became the first Okinawa-descendant governor in the U.S.A. At the welcome reception, Mr. Akira Uema, mayor of Nishiha Town, and Mr. Yoshio Miyazato, vice-chairman from the hometown of the governor’s grandparents, attended.

The visiting group came to Okinawa to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sister-state partnership between Okinawa Prefecture and Hawaii. Governor Ige and his wife were accompanied by State Senator Gilvert Kahale, State Representative Ryan Yamane, and various representatives of the state government and the University of Hawaii for a total of 20 people.

Since the University of the Ryukyus concluded an academic exchange agreement with the University of Hawaii in 1988, the two universities have conducted active research and educational exchanges in the fields of Okinawan research, marine science, medicine, law, tourism, and others areas, and have developed cordial relations.

At the welcome reception, Governor Ige presented a letter of appreciation to the University of the Ryukyus for their participation in the exchange program. After that, participants had a chance to chat about Hawaii and Okinawa and about exchanges with the University of Ryukyus.

Following the reception, they performed commemorative tree planting in front of the main office building to celebrate the visit by the governor.

Welcome speech by President Ooshiro

Greeting by Governor Ige, State of Hawaii

Welcome speech by Mayor Uema, Nishihara

Presentation of letter of appreciation from Governor Ige to President Ooshiro

Introduction of the Hawaii visiting team


Commemorative photo

Commemorative tree planting by Governor Ige