International students performed Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of Bamboo Cutter)

The Japanese play, Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of Bamboo Cutter) was performed by the international students at the third-floor of University Hall on July 8th (Fri), 2016. This performance is aimed for international students in Japanese and Japanese culture in general education courses and Japanese III (class 1) to experience and develop their understanding of Japanese culture.

The main character, Kaguya-hime (Princess Kaguya), was played by a male international student from Taiwan, Hsu Yi-Hsuan (許翼軒) and the audience enjoyed the songs and dances in their performance. The hall was filled with laughter in the funny scene while their serious performance brought tears to the audience in the farewell scene.

They also impressed the audience by reading waka poems and sharing a story of the origin of the name of Mt. Fuji (The mountain is called “fuji”, that means immortal, because it is said that the elixir of life given from Princess Kakuya to Mikado was burnt there.) in the performance that showed their knowledge in Japanese classical literature. It was also noted that the international students themselves worked as the stagehands taking care of lighting, sound, and the preparation for the props for the performance that made the play a great success.

Hsu Yi-Hsuan (許翼軒) who played Kaguya-hime says “I could not play the role of Kaguya-hime by myself. I just tried hard to reflect the advice and guidance from the teachers, other actors, the director, and my cohorts to the performance.”