Indonesian Syiah Kuala University’s President Rizal and Dean of Medicine Syukri Visit Campus

 Indonesia’s Syiah Kuala University President Samsul Rizal and Dean of Medicine Maimun Syukri paid a visit to the University of the Ryukyus on November 28, 2016. They observed the facilities of medical faculty hospital annex and held a meeting to exchange ideas with members of faculty of medicine.

 The University of the Ryukyus had just concluded an exchange agreement with Syiah Kuala University between the University of the Ryukyus Department of Science and Syiah Kuala University’s Department of Fisheries on October 17th of this year. (available in Japanese only)

 In the meeting to exchange ideas at Syiah Kuala University, the issue of tropical infectious diseases was raised as a potential area that could be explored for international cooperation. As the university’s President Rizal and other managing staff had never visited Okinawa or the University of the Ryukyus, a visit was quickly arranged at their strong behest.

 The guests paid a courtesy call to University President Hajime Oshiro, after which visits were made to the Ryukyu University Museum (Fujukan) and to the medical faculty library annex and hospital annex. Following that, a spirited idea exchange was held with medical faculty members and a discussion was held about the possibility for international cooperation in the field of medical science for both universities.

 This visit by President Rizal will surely signal a strengthening of ties between Indonesia and Okinawa, as well as between the University of the Ryukyus and Syiah Kuala University.

President Hajime Oshiro presents a Ryukyu Lacquer Ware plate as a gift from the University of the Ryukyus

(From right to left) Medical School Associate Professor Andalas, Director Hokama, Dean of Medicine Syukri, President Oshiro, President Rizal, Dean of Science Yamasaki

The group from Syiah Kuala University inspects the medical faculty hospital annex

Idea exchange held at the medical faculty (Front row: President Rizal, Dean of Medicine Matsushita.
Back row (from left to right): Medical School Associate Professor Andalas,
President’s Assistant Kishimoto, Dean of Medicine Syukri,
Head of Hospital Annex Fujita, Vice Dean of Medicine Ishida, Dean of Science Yamasaki)