Revitalizing the Regenerative Medicine Industry with Adipose Stem Cell Banking(Press Release)

A collective body for the promotion of revitalizing the regenerative medicine industry, which comprises five organizations led by the University of the Ryukyus, has been selected by the prefecture of Okinawa as the “Project for the Promotion of Industrial Revitalization of Regenerative Medicine” for the year 2017. The press conference concerning this official appointment was held at the University on August 24th, 2017.

The promotion project that has earned the nod of local authorities aims to create a research base that extracts adipose (fat) stem cells under ethical and uniformed protocol for safe and quality ensured long-term storage, as well as advance core technologies for assessing the quality of stored adipose stem cells to procure cells with stable treatment effects.

In his explanatory address, Professor Yusuke Shimizu, chief of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, spoke about the success of transplant surgeries using adipose stem cells. In his forecast for the future, Prof. Shimizu said, “Developing and establishing technologies for regenerative medicine will bring about positive effects to Okinawa’s economy”. The project body aims to stock more than a hundred adipose stem cells in the University’s Faculty of Medicine by the time the project ends in 2020, in addition to developing core technologies that guarantee the quality of harvested adipose stem cells.

Press conference in progress

Opening remarks by Professor
Hajime Ishida,
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Professor Shimizu explaining the project and fielding questions from the press