University of the Ryukyus Tour Held for Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate Students

 On November 18, 2016, a tour of the University of the Ryukus was held again just as it was the previous year. It was aimed at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) graduate students.

 The tour focused on providing information to the OIST students about the resources and academic traditions that University of the Ryukyus—the only university in Okinawa prefecture—possesses. It was held with the goal of promoting cooperation and personnel exchanges both in studies and research between the two schools in the future.

 First of all, in classroom 102 of the new Faculty of Law and Letters building, assistant University President of International Cooperation, Mr. Hidehiro Kishimoto, gave a brief talk welcoming tour participants to the University of the Ryukyus and giving an outline of the university. Following that, Faculty of Law and Letters Professor Manabu Oshiro, introduced Okinawan culture through a talk with the theme of “An Invitiation to the Culture of Okinawa” and talked about the university’s unique style of education and research. Also, as part of a student exchange initiative, third year Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management, Tourism Sciences major Chiaki Nishizato acted as emcee and also provided language interpretation for the event.

 After that, tour guests visited three university facilities: the Ryukyu University Museum (Fujukan), the Okinawa Clinical Simulation Center and the CPC cell processing center (regenerative medicine research center). After observing the facilities, the guests heard speeches in the medical faculty administrative building’s 3rd floor large-scale meeting room, where Dean of Medicine Mr. Chitoshi Takayama welcomed the guests and gave them a brief overview of the medical faculty, and Dean of Health Sciences Research, Mr. Takuya Fukushima gave a presentation about clinical research into ATL, while Graduate Regenerative Medicine Research Chair, Professor Hirofumi Noguchi gave a presentation on regenerative medical research.

 The 25 participants, made up of OIST students and faculty, listened intently to each presentation and held a spirited exchange of opinions in the post-presentation Q&A sessions. Both regular students and exchange students currently enrolled in this university’s medical school were in attendance, which provided a chance for cultural exchange.

 This was the second tour of its kind, and the participants were able to gain an understanding of things like this university’ s facilities and research capabilities, and it was extremely significant in increasing mutual understanding and cooperation.

Meeting leader Chiaki Nishizato covers the program outline

Professor Hidehiro Kishimoto explains about the University of the Ryukyus

Cultural introduction made by Professor Manabu Oshiro

A video covering Okinawan culture was shown

A visit to Ryukyu University Museum was guided by Professor Mizuki Tsuji

Okinawa Clinical Simulation Center

PC cell processing center

Welcome speech by Professor Chitoshi Takayama

Professor Takuya Fukushima covers research contents

Professor Hirofumi Noguchi speaks about research

Q&A session

Introduction of University of the Ryukyus exchange students