Modern Jazz Orchestra (MOJO)
Placed Fifth at West Japan Preliminaries for Yamano Big Band Jazz Contest

The Modern Jazz Orchestra, or “MOJO”, of the University of the Ryukyus has won fifth place in the West Japan preliminaries for the Yamano Big Band Jazz Contest held on the 14th of May 2017 (Sunday).

This qualifies MOJO to take part in Yamano Big Band Jazz Contest’s main competition to be held from 12th to 13th August at Tokyo International Forum. Band members will be looking forward to receiving support for their appearance at the upcoming contest.

The Yamano Big Band Contest is an annual competition for the top 35 big band jazz clubs of Japanese universities selected through a series of national preliminaries. Bands face stiff competition in this “Koshien of Student Big Bands”, which showcases bands of diverse musical characteristics within the genre of jazz. Tickets for the event are available to public, and the competition draws keen attention from fans that attend the event faithfully each year. The contest boasts a strong legacy and tradition in the world of Japanese amateur jazz, with past participants making the successful transition to professional music.


MOJO band members posing for a group picture after the Yamano Big Band Jazz Contest West Japan Preliminaries