Junior Doctorate Academy Opening Ceremony

A proposal to uncover and nurture budding talent by selecting junior high school and fifth to sixth year-elementary school students who display elevated levels of interest in science, math, and informatics, as well as prominent scholastic abilities for enrollment in a junior doctorate academy program organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency has been successfully shortlisted.

The program, named “Nurturing Scientists for Chura-Umi, Chura-Shima (Beautiful Oceans, Beautiful Island)” (University of the Ryukyus Junior Doctorate Academy), saw 90 applicants from all over Okinawa, including the islands of Kume and Ishigaki. The academy selected 44 students for its inaugural intake and the program’s opening ceremony was held on August 26th, 2017. Students deepened their understanding of the Junior Doctorate Academy, and the work of researchers through activities such as listening to the academy’s first lecture titled “What is Science? What do Scientists Do?” on September 2nd, sharing their thoughts and impressions, and attending talks held as part of the “Okinawa Attractive Engineering and Science Symposium 2017”.

The upcoming schedule for the academy will feature twice-monthly lectures until next February that are helmed by teaching staff from the Faculties of Science and Education, on topics such as Fibonacci sequence, formation of matter and changes in the earth’s environment.