Joint Fieldwork with Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)

A joint fieldwork session was held with Taiwan’s Chinese Culture University (International Joint Course – Field Biology in Taiwan) between August 19th and 25th, 2017.

13 students from the Biology Program of the Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science Department of the Faculty of Science, in addition to two members of teaching staff and one teaching assistant participated in the event. The university representatives formed five mixed teams with 11 undergraduate students from the Chinese Culture University to carry out fieldwork on pollinating organisms in the Hualin Experimental Forest in northeastern Taiwan. Findings were analyzed and presented during the second half of the event at the campus of the Chinese Culture University. Students had to listen to lecture content in English, and experienced conducting presentations and discussions in English. In addition, students spent the week living together and sharing meals with their Taiwanese counterparts, which allowed them to understand firs the culture and lifestyle of youth in Taiwan.

Taiwan and Okinawa take turns to host this week-long fieldwork, and next year’s event is expected to be held in Okinawa.

Hualin Experimental Forest 講義室で実習スタート
Kicking off the joint fieldwork session at the Hualin Experimental Forest’s lecture room