2015 Japanese Company Internship Program
Briefing Session and Closing Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 16, a briefing session and closing ceremony was held at the International Student Center by students who had participated in the 2015 Internship Program. In the Japanese Company Internship Program, international students from universities that have concluded student exchange agreements with the University of the Ryukyus study business Japanese and business manners intensively at the university, and they then receive training at a company in Okinawa. The 2015 program ran from August 4th through September 16th.

During the briefing session, seven people from six companies out of the twelve that had accepted international students attended the session and commented on how the students had done during their training and the companies’ impressions. Also, six international students who completed the program received a certificate of completion by a professor from the International Student Center. As part of the ceremony, Bartel Lucas, from the Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf, Germany, gave an address as a representative of the international students and reported that during his training in a Japanese company, he had the experience of being able to change his assumptions and that it had a significant impact on him.

Article by a student in the Okinawa Times

A student’s greeting

A student’s report

A student’s report

Comment by a company representative

Conferring of certificate of completion

Address by a student representative

Group photo