Revision of Memorandum of Understanding and Establishment of New Mutual Exchange Agreement with the University of Guam

On August 8th 2017 (Thursday), a ceremony to mark the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Mutual Exchange Agreement was held at the University of Guam, with University President Oshiro and Professor Minako Yogi of the Faculty of Education in attendance.

Since the agreement for mutual cooperation was established with the University of Guam in 1988, both institutions have continuously carried out research collaboration in various fields that include marine science, studies on island territorities and agriculture, in addition to years of student exchange that have seen mutual dispatch of students for short-term training and active student participation in events such as symposiums. The latest memorandum on student exchange was established to open up new avenues for exchange opportunities, namely to provide university students who wish to study abroad in English-speaking countries with a wider range of options, and to propel the University’s contributions towards international exchange in Asia and the Pacific as a partner university of institutions in the Pacific region. Both universities also took the opportunity to review their 30-year partnership in writing, and renewed their ties by signing a revised MOU.

In his address at the signing ceremony, President Robert Underwood of the University of Guam noted that both universities have a common interest in developing studies on island territories, expressing hopes that the new mutual agreements will lay the groundwork for a multi-faceted expansion of bilateral exchange. The same message was echoed by University President Oshiro, who called for the promotion of even more active mutual cooperation between both universities. A pair of original shisa (Okinawa guardian lion-dogs) commissioned by the University, carrying hopes for a “bridge of knowledge” linking Asia and the Pacific region, was also presented to President Underwood as a symbol of the universities’ ongoing friendship. In a strong show of support for the partnership, the signing ceremony was also attended by Senior Vice President Anita Enriquez, along with the deans of all concerned faculties and several members of faculty teaching staff.

Members of the University also took the opportunity to spend time with staff in charge of international exchange programs and distance learning, engaging in a lively exchange of opinions and information gathering about the University of Guam’s student exchange programs and its initiatives for ICT-based learning.

Having just concluded the Memorandum of Asia-Pacific Island University Network together with Jeju National University (South Korea) and Udayana University (Bali, Indonesia) in May this year, these new agreements are expected to help both universities in promoting academic and research collaboration across a broad range of fields.

Signing ceremony in progress

Commemorative Picture