Student Venture Team Gachiyun Accepts the First Students from Overseas on School Excursion

On February 4th, 2018, the student venture team, Gachiyun, accepted the first students from overseas on school excursion.

Gachiyun Inc. is a venture company founded by Mr. Shun Kuninaka, who is a Ryukyu University third-year student in education, with other members. Mainly, the company sets up and runs programs that cater to students who visit Okinawa on their school excursions. The programs provided focus on peace education, Okinawan cultures and traditions, and Okinawan local businesses. Those programs have gained a reputation that they contributed to college students’ career education as well. Gachiyun has been noted for their on-campus study programs including campus tour and has accepted so far over 7,000 students from 30 schools in total. This time, 70 members from Taksun Junior High School in Hong Kong including teachers, and five Gachiyun staff members and six college students participated in the program.

First, the students were divided into six groups, and each group had an introductory meeting with college students. Then, they went on a campus tour and visited the university museum (Fujukan) after having their lunch at the school cafeteria. The students seemed to have a great time learning about Okinawan nature and traditional culture.

Next, each group participated in interactive sessions on Okinawan culture at 50th Anniversary Memorial Hall. The discussions with the college students who were close in age added to the fun. In the following Q&A session, one of the junior high school students asked, “How are international students enjoying the campus life?” that ended the event on a high note.

A company staff member, Ms. Oyakawa (3rd year student majoring in political science and international relations) commented: “We had some language challenges as it was our first time to accept students from abroad. But it turned out to be a great success and we are happy that both the teachers and students enjoyed our program. Especially, we appreciate generous support from the university for the on-campus events.

Students participate in the campus tour.

Students enjoy cultural exchange in learning Okinawan culture.

Group photo of all participants.