Fashion Accessories Designed by Students Go on Sale Aboard JTA Flights

Fashion accessories (“Chura-Chura earrings”) designed by undergraduates of the Faulty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management have been made available for inflight purchase on all flights operated by Japan Transocean Air (JTA). A feature website titled “Photogenic Trip”, also conceptualized by the same students, has gone live on the official website run by JTA.

This collaboration is part of the “JTA-University of the Ryukyus Special Internship Course” under the Project to Nurture Future Management Talent for Industry-Academia Partnership. Unlike standard workplace-based internships, student participants work on finding solutions to existing problems. Five students undertook practical assignments in conceptualizing products for in-flight sale and producing online content. Both the earrings and website will be made public from September 1st for a limited period of two months.

Interns in charge of developing merchandise for inflight sale were third-year students of the Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management, Ms. Mina Nikaido and Ms. Kana Teruya. Based on the request from JTA to promote the island of Miyako and feature a product that would encapsulate its beauty, the interns conducted a survey, focusing on women aged between 20 and 40 within the airline’s customer base. Based on responses from approximately 170 people, the interns traveled to Miyako to select and shortlist products for inflight sale, taking into consideration airline regulations for size and packaging. Both students eventually decided on fashion earrings made of natural shell, launching negotiations with the Miyako shop named “Umi-kobo” (Ocean Atelier) that makes them. Before the earrings were officially launched for sale, interns came up with product names and sales proposals, and presented their efforts to JTA cabin crew and board members.

Development of the feature website about Miyako island was helmed by three third-year students, Mr. Yuto Nakandakari, Ms. Rie Ohama and Mr. Yutaro Kakoi. Students responded to JTA’s requests to boost website usage by younger age groups, as well as to promote the beauty and charm of Miyako. Interns focused on the theme of “Twenty-something Girl Travel”, directly covering stories and sourcing material in Miyako, as well as obtaining the support of undergraduates from Chiba University of Commerce for a survey of their opinions towards vacations and travel. The outcomes were used to curate a selection of Instagram-worthy photographs for online upload, as well as sharing on Twitter. Students, who carefully conceptualized content and pictures for the feature website with the target group of females in their 20s in mind, had to conduct a presentation about their website to JTA board members before it was officially made public on the internet. The website can be accessed at the following URL:


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The five student interns who participated in this project

“Chura-Chura earrings”