Two students from Faculty of Education Presented Awards
at Fifth Ryukyu Fashion Design Championship 2015

On Saturday, November 21, the Fifth Ryukyu Fashion Design Championship 2015 FDR Mode Collection 2015 was held. During this contest, Miss Kotono Sakiyama and Mss Nanako Uezato, both students in the faculty of education, won the Ryukyu Shimpo President’s Award and the Technique Award, respectively.

The fifth championship’s theme was “You know? Okinawa uchina.” Miss Kotono Yamazai, the Ryukyu Shimpo President’s Award winner and a junior life science education major, named her work “Uchina” and designed it in the image of a traditional Okinawan house. She said, “A roundish house with a red-tiled roof brings me happy memories when I can spend time with my treasured grandfather and grandmother. I expressed that as an image in Uchina.” She represented Garcinia, or Fukugi, that grows around Okinawa houses on the top of her creation and a red-tailed roof on the bottom of it.

Miss Nanako Uezato, the Technique Award winner, a senior life science education major, also won the award two years ago, so this was her second prize. She used a check-pattern fabric that was made from a handmade textile. Her intent was to express Miyako jofu, a traditional textile from Miyako Island, where she is from. The standing collar that hides the face represents the history of women suffering as craftswomen. Her advanced creative handwork technique was judged highly and led to her win.

The top three winners of the contest won participation in study training in Hong Kong in January 2016.

“Uchina” by Miss Sakiya

Miss Uezato’s work

Model with creator Miss Sakiyama

Award presentation