International Agriculture Program Briefing Session

On Friday, December 18, 2015, in the Faculty of Agriculture and in the presence of Director and Vice-President Tonaki (in charge of education, student support, and judicial affairs), and Director and Vice-President Hokama (in charge of local international cooperation, promotion of diversity, and public relations), an International Agricultural Program briefing session was held.

The International Agriculture Program is part of the Graduate School of Agriculture Subtropical Agro-Production Science division, which aims to develop high-level knowledge and technology that can contribute to the development of the tropical and subtropical forest industry based in Asia and the Pacific Area. It also aims to develop the power necessary to propel new agriculture in the areas of food, agriculture, environment, and resources from an international point of view.

It was the fifth year since the start of this program, and ten people in total were dispatched to foreign countries for study training. One went to Bangladesh, two to Indonesia, three to Sri Lanka, and four to Thailand.

During the briefing session, first, Prof. Inoue, director of the Graduate School of Agriculture, explained general information and facts about the program in addition to employment opportunities created by it. Next, students who were sent to other countries reported on their experiences and on what they had learned through training in schools, fieldwork, internships, observation of farming villages, fieldtrips to agricultural goods factories, and group work with other university students. They also thanked university students and professors for their kind support. The exchange program and its related cultural experience seemed to have made a big impression on them.

After that, a leader reported on how hard the students had worked during training, how they had tried to speak only English, and how little they had used Japanese.

People who attended the session expect further development in the future, and Prof. Toya, the head of the Foreign Language Center, stated, “The field that you are studying will be an important one in a changing society in the future, so tell your experiences to junior high school students and high school students. This program has good contents that can help you learn how you can contribute to the world.”

Dean Hokama said, “From now on, from this training as an individual experience, considering its continuation and systemization, you should ponder the problems in the country where you went and make them your theme.” Dean Tonaki encouraged, “You received a valuable experience in which you could see agriculture, economics, and culture, and had a deep cultural exchange with the people of the country you visited. Please use these experiences in your life and your future.”

Finally, Prof. Inoue, the director of the Graduate School of Agriculture, thanked everyone for their important advice and told of his ambitions for the program in the future, and the session ended successfully.

Presentation by Prof. Inoue, director of the Graduate School of Agriculture

Student presentation

Student presentation