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The University Library houses a wide collection of books, databases, and journals, and offers access to over 20,000 electronic journals. Our holdings are searchable on-site or via our website. Our constant aim is to provide for the needs of both students and researchers.

Special Collections
Iha Fuyu Collection (161vols.)
Shimabukuro Genshichi Collection (115vols.)
Miyara Dunchi Collection (300vols.)
Nakahara Zenchu Collection (3,300vols.)
Nakasone Seizen Collection (329vols.)
Bull Collection (560vols.)
8 additional Collections (Total 14 Collections)

International Documents
UN Publications (3,507vols.)
EU Publications (4,523vols.)
OECD Publications (3,144vols.)
UNESCO Publications (91vols.)
Electronic Journals (20,000vols.)
Library Holding (As of March 31,2014)
Japanese/Foreign Main Library Medical Library Total
Book (vols.) Japanese 659,197 62,191 721,388
Foreign 259,287 59,730 319,017
Total 918,484 121,921 1,040,405
Journals (titles) Japanese 13,966(2,825) 2,274(470) 16,240(3,295)
Foreign 6,211(569) 1,532(54) 7,743(623)
Total 20,177(3,394) 3,806(524) 23,983(3,918)
(Note) The number of journals indicates the number of titles. The number in parenthesis indicates subscribed journals.
Library Statistics2013
Main Library Medical Libary Total
Library users (persons) 534,070 169,853 703,923
Books lent (vols) 94,198(81,375) 13,416(11,941) 107,614(93,316)
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