Joint-Use Inter-Departmental Institutes

University Evaluation Center

The University Evaluation Center was established as one of Organization for Promotion of University Management. The purposes of the center are as follows: research and planning for the self-assessment and evaluation of higher education, arrangement of external evaluations, and improvement of education and research at the university.

Recently, the center has been working on publication of our self-assessment reports, implementation of faculty performance measurement, and develop an evaluation activities in the university.

Disaster Prevention Research Center for Island Regions

Disaster Prevention Research Center for Island Regions

Recent increase global warming has elevated the need for preparedness against destructive typhoons and strategicadaptation methods to the rapid rise in sea level, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. Preparedness against huge earthquakes and tsunamis is a matter of great urgency after the Great East Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

The Disaster Prevention Research Center for Island Regions was established as the principal center considering the above factors, and it provides a platform for research on natural disasters in Okinawa Prefecture.

The center promotes the multidisciplinary studies on disaster prevention methods for earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, landslides and floods. The development of numerical simulations to predict these disasters, wireless communications and satellite distance educations for island regions in emergency is promoted. Moreover, research of a human behavioral domain called the self-help, mutual-help and public-help at the time of a disaster is promoted.

International Institute for Okinawan Studies (IIOS)

nternational Institute for Okinawan Studies (IIOS)

The International Institute for Okinawan Studies (IIOS), is a research institute particularly focusing on Humanities and Social Sciences research. Recognizing its geographic advantage of being located at the crossroads of East Asia and Oceania in the Pacific Rim region, IIOS has set its goal to vigorously perform a central role in international collaboration in academic research on Okinawa and related topics.

One of our most important missions is to provide an intellectual space for those who seek sources and networks especially available in Okinawa. We believe the need for that space will increase as we have stronger relationships with other research centers located in the Pacific Rim. In addition to publication of an annual international academic journal, IJOS: International Journal of Okinawan Studies, there are two government-funded research projects currently making progress in IIOS: "Toward New Island Studies" and "Theorizing Gender in Okinawa," projects promote international collaboration in an attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct existing disciplinary frameworks.

IIOS also actively supports the rising generation of scholars all over the world by holding workshops especially for them. Our findings are available not only to our students at UR but also to other students and researchers all over the world, as we are striving to establish our role as an "inttellectual bridge" -a bridge to connect diverse scholarly activities-in the Asia-Pacific region.

Strategic Research Promotion Unit (SRPU)

Strategic Research Promotion Unit(SRPU)

Strategic Research Promotion Unit (SRPU), founded in 2005, is a core advisory committee for the University President. Its mission includes the strategic promotion of new research in interdisciplinary areas that are dedicated to study multiple issues on Okinawa or subtropical environment.

The major activities of SRPU in 2013 were the promotion of integrated research funded by the University of the Ryukyus. SRPU organized workshops and symposiums for faculty development on how to get research funding. The Research Project Grant Program (for Junior, Women and Foreign Researchrs) was established by SRPU to support the research programs that were planned and conducted bg faculty members in the University.

Transdisciplinary Research Organization for Subtropics and Island Studies (TRO-SIS)

Strategic Research Promotion Unit(SRPU)
Strategic Research Promotion Unit(SRPU)

Transdisciplinary Research Organization for Subtropics and Island Studies (TRO-SIS) is a research organization that promotes research activities in inter- or multi-disciplinary sciences. Encouraging three major subjects (subtropical sciences, marine sciences and island-social sciences), TRO-SIS has supported research task teams that explore corals, mangroves, Ryukyu culture, biodiversity, bioresources, and sustainable agriculture and industry. In 2008 the organization has lunched "Rising Star Program for Subtropical Island Sciences", a new program funded by the MEXT. In order to establish new academic fields for "Subtropical Island Sciences", a new system is necessary to invite excellent researchers actively engaged in interdisciplinary research. Therefore, the University of the Ryukyus decided to adopt the Japanese version of the tenure-track system, which is different from the conventional system within each faculty and department, and has recruited young and energetic researchers from both Japan and abroad. TRO-SIS is in charge of this new challenge and now functions as a strategic research institute for ten Rising Star researchers. Rising Star Program had successfully finished in March 2013.

Gende Equity Office

The University of the Ryukyus Gender Equity Office was established in January 2010 with the goal of examining issues related to gender-equal participation and raising the awareness of all the members of the University of the Ryukyus.

In February 2011, the University of the Ryukyus published “Declaration of Gender Equality” and endorsed the basic gender equality promotion goals proposed by the Gender Equity Committee. The declaration and basic goals make it clear that the University of the Ryukyus is responsible for contributing to the realization of a gender-equal society by striving to achieve the following basic goals: (1) raising our awareness of gender equality; (2) creating a work-life balance for all our members; (3) ensuring equal opportunities for employment and promotion; (4) creating a supportive, gender-equal environment for younger generations.

The URGEC drew up the "2012-15 Action Plan" to guide the active implementation of this basic policy.