Facilities for Education and Research

Center for Educational Research and Development

The Center for Educational Research and Development was established for the purpose of improving schools and local community educational processes. With the cultivation of human resources in mind, the department and other institutions cooperate in order to design theoretical and practical methods for teachers, and to systematically drive the educational system forward.

Points 1 to 5 describe the projects and seminars currently being implemented.

  1. 1. Advisory Staff Dispatch Project for Local School
  2. 2. Regional Educational Liaison Project
  3. 3. Project to Improve Children's Academic Abilities in Elementary and Junior High Schools
  4. 4. Educational Training Volunteer Project
  5. 5. Educational Counseling Project

Practice center for education of child developmental support

We develop a study about the development support of children and the education method and aim for contributing to the community through education consultation and training activity.

For children who need special support, "the total support classroom" has been started in Octover 2006.

And the practice case study group is held once per month.The open seminar is held once per year.

Manufacturing Laboratory

The Manufacturing Laboratory is base of monozukuri education in the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering. Accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the manufacturing process in monozukuri are required, and students increase their skills through training courses in this Laboratory. Knowledge of material processing and manufacturing can be obtained from lectures and hand experience of how to make products. In order to develop highly skilled engineers who can design products systematically, the themes in the training course are chosen from diverse fields of processing and students work on their projects in small groups. The purpose of training is to foster abilities in engineering design and problem-solving. Therefore, a number of tool machines, casings, forgings, welding equipment, machining centers and CNC machines are installed in the Manufacturing Laboratory. Furthermore, experiment apparatus and test pieces are produced to support education and research in undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Institute for Animal Experiments

The purpose of the center is to contribute to the education and advanced research of biomedical sciences. The center is working on care and management of laboratory animals, animal research for human diseases, and alternatives to animal experiments.

Research Laboratory Center

The center aims to contribute the advanced medical research and education. All laboratory equipment can be available for researchers and students, and the center supports the operation and maintenance of instruments and technical assistance.

Subtropical Field Science Center

The Subtropical Field Science Center provides field education in crop, livestock, forestand coast, and has two campuses: Senbaru Field adjacent to the faculty of agriculture in Nishihara, and Yona Field in the northern part of Okinawa main Island. The agricultural students study practical education from basic to applied science about crop, vegetable and animal production at Senbaru Field, and forest and coastal plants at Yona Field. The academic staffs of the Field Science Center attached to the division of Human and Agricultural Symbiotic Science under the Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences conduct researches on new field science, symbiotic relationship between agricultural (animal and plant) production and human society.

Subtropical Field Science Center