University Education Center

Education Center

The University Education Center has two responsibilities. The first is to make an overall plan for general education courses that every student is expected to take and to provide these courses. General education courses at the university cover various fields, such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and foreign languages. In addition, interdisciplinary courses are offered in two subject groups. One of them, Ryudai Special Courses is the group of courses in which students learn about the founding principles of the university by studying history, society, culture, language, and the natural environment of Okinawa, as well as courses on peace, gender, and crosscultural communication. The other group is Sogo-Kamoku in which students learn about culture, society, the environment, information, technology and science. The second responsibility that the Center has is to conduct research on how to improve education at the university and to disseminate these findings. The Center strives to offer general education that is best suited for the mental, social, and academic development of students so that they can make a significant contribution to society after graduation.