Graduate School of Tourism Sciences

Graduate School of Tourism Sciences, established in 2009, is the newest in University of the Ryukyus.

The unique educational programs that make the graduate students have the ability to acquire interdisciplinary and specialist knowledge of Tourism are the main characteristics of our graduate school. 'Sustainability' on tourism bases educational programs, and students learn the basic knowledge of the three main fields of tourism: businesses, developments and resource managements for tourism. Furthermore, the students master one of these three fields. Students can develop not only expertise but multidisciplinary intellect of Tourism through those programs. Okinawa is Japan's most important Tourist location. Our programs provide some classes about the characteristics of Okinawa region.

To realize the tourism-oriented country, the aim of our graduate school is to cultivates human resources that lead tourism on Okinawa, Japan and around the global. From the viewpoints of driving international mutual understanding and activating Japan and local economics, strengthening future of tourism human resource development is expected role to our graduate school.

Master's Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Tourism Sciences 6 Tourism Sciences Master of Tourism