Graduate School of Engineering and Science

The Graduate School of Engineering and Science aims to educate and produce creative researchers, practical engineers and scientists with a broad background, international outlook, and a high degree of specialization. The Graduate School of Engineering and Science offers Master s programs in seven majors and Doctoral programs in three majors. In the Graduate School of Engineering and Science, activities such as carrying out basic scientific researches and developing disaster prevention technologies to solve environmental problems with natural clean energy are proceeding in collaboration with the Disaster Prevention Research Center for Island Regions.

Master's Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Mechanical Systems Engineering 27 Materials Science,
Strength of Materials,
Engineering Design Systems,
Processing Systems,
Mechanical Systems Dynamics,
Thermal Engineering,
Fluid Mechanics,
Heat Transfer,
Fluid Machinery,
Energy Systems Engineering,
Measurement Systems,
Control Engineering,
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering,
High Energy Manufacturing Processes
Master of Engineering

Master of Science
Civil Engineering and Architecture 24 Planning of Civil Engineering,
Disaster Prevention Planning,
Urban and Regional Infrustructure Planning,
Regional Environmental Engineering,
Architectural Planning and History,
Architectural Environmental Engineering and Building System Design,
Structural Analysis,
Structural Engineering,
Concrete Engineering,
Structural System Design,
Seismic Design,
Soil Mechanics,
Foundation Engineering,
Wind and Earthquake Engineering,
Hydraulic and Ocean Environmental Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 24 Magnetic Engineering,
Plasma Engineering,
High Power Engineering,
Power System Engineering,
Power Electronics,
Electrical Machinery Engineering,
Electronic Materials Engineering,
Electron Devices Engineering,
VLSI system Design,
Engineering of Semiconductor Thin-Film Process,
Computational Intelligence,
Modern Control Theory,
Optical Fiber Transmission Engineering,
Dependable computing Systems,
Signal Processing Systems,
Medical Electronics
Information Engineering 18 Computer Systems,
Signal Processing,
Multimedia Communication,
Intelligent Information Processing,
Robotics, Intelligent Systems
Mathematical Sciences 10 Theory of Numbers,
Topology, Mathematical Analysis,
Theory of Probability,
Information Mathematics
Physics and Earth Sciences 16 Mathematical Physics,
Condensed Matter Physics,
Solid State Physics,
Polymer Physics,
Computational Physics,
Subduction Zone Magmatism,
Tectonics, Marine Geology,
Oceanography and Paleo-Oceanography
Chemistry, Biology and Marine Sciences 26 Physical Chemistry,
Organic Chemistry,
Analytical and Geochemistry,
Inorganic Chemistry,
Marine Natural Products Chemistry,
Marine Ecological Chemistry,
Ecology, Taxonomy and Morphology,
Cell Biology, Genetics,
Functional Biology,
Fisheries Biology,
Coral Reef Biology,
Tropical Biology

Doctoral Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Material,Structural and Energy Engineering 4 Intelligent Material,
Structural Design and Processing,
Thermal and Fluid Transfer Energy Conversion,
Ocean Development,
Information Development Systems,
Engineering Semiconductor thin-film devices
Doctor of Engineering,

Doctor of Science,

Doctor of Philosophy
Interdisciplinary Intelligent Systems Engineering 3 City Environment Engineering,
Intelligent Systems Engineering
Marine and Environmental Sciences 5 Environmental Science of Island Archipelago,
Environmental Material Physics,
Life Science,
Marine Biology,
Function of Island Ecosystem,
Marine Chemistry,
Tropical Biology