Graduate School of Education

Recent medical science is dynamically changing. Under such circumstances, in order to nurture outstanding scientists who have self-renovation ability and sustainability in total life, we have re-organized the doctoral course in April, 2014. We have unified previous 2 programs, and formed the course and research works in accordance with our research projects. The master course adopts this new curriculum, and is providing the systematic educational programs which are connected with the doctoral course.

In the graduate course, we prepare a variety of systems in order to correspond to recent multiple needs. We accept students who do not graduate from university by the qualification examination. We accept students who have work as mature age students. Furthermore, we prepare the course of long-term completion for students who have work or child-rearing, and the course of short-term completion for excellent students. It if possible for the students to finish the master and doctor courses in only 4 years at the shortest by using the course of short-term completion.

Master's Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Graduate School of Medical Science 15
Master's Course
- Master in Medical Science

Doctoral Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Graduate School of Medical 30
Doctoral Course
Systems Physiology,
Child Health and Welfare,
Head and Neck Surgery,
Department of Advanced Genomic and Laboratory Medicine,
Medical Genetics and Laboratory Medicine,
dvanced Laboratory Medicine,
Molecurlar Anatomy,
Medical Genomics,
Human Biology and Anatomy,
Molecular and Cellular Physiology,
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery,
Orthopedic Surgery,
Oral and Maxillofacial Functional Rehabilitation,
Emergency Medicine,
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics,
Medical Biochemistry,
Pathology and Oncology,
Pathology and Cell Biology,
Public Health and Hygiene,
Legal Medicine,
Intenal Medicine,
Diabetes and Metabolism,
Rheumatology Cardiovascular Medicine,
Nephrology and Neurology,
Digestive and General Surgery,
Medical Science of Women and Reproduction,
Microbiology and Oncology,
Molecular Bacteriology and Immunology,
Parasitology and International Health,
and Digesitve Medicine,
Host Defense and Vaccinology Infection Immunobiology
Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science