Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education offers Master s programs in School Education, Special Needs Education, Counseling Psychology, and other educational disciplines. These programs aim to cultivate specialized knowledge and develop skills deemed essential for competent educators who will eventually become active members and mentors of society, contributing and cooperating with adults and children, both educationally and otherwise, wherever they happen to be located.

The programs we provide at our Graduate School focus on education and the cultivation of practical knowledge underpinned by deep understanding of the humanities, natural sciences, arts, social sciences, health sciences, and the theories thereof. They emphasize flexibility on the part of future educators, preparing them to be able to cope with the difficult issues facing schools and affecting the broader educational milieu of the region. Our programs are also designed to encourage self-improvement and the constant quest for acquiring new knowledge in the student s specialized field through research and scholarship. All programs are premised upon the need for deep and sure understanding of the culture and educational environment of Okinawa.

It should be noted that we recently began offering evening courses to accommodate the various needs of the local community and to provide wider opportunities for those who work and yet seek further education. Some local school educators take advantage of the paid educational sabbatical leave system we have established with the district school board, We are constantly endeavoring to increase opportunities for those who are interested in advancing their education.

Master's Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Studies in School Education 5 School Education Master of Education
Studies in Special Needs Education 3 Special Needs Education
Clinical Psychology 3 Clinical Psychology
Studies in Subject Education 24 Japanese, Social Science,
Science, Music,
Arts and Crafts,
Health and Physical Education,
Technology Education,
Home Economics,