Graduate School of Agriculture

The Graduate School of Agriculture focuses on nurturing people to adapt to a changing environment and be versatile enough to play a key role in different societies. Subtropical agriculture, a major united area, has been established in our graduate school in 2011. The aim for this reorganization is designed to build professional skills in students for the development of high quality researchers and engineers capable of researching the stable bio-production and the sustainable uses of biomaterial based on global knowledge acquired in undergraduate school as the students can resolve some issues associated with subtropical agriculture including Okinawa

The curriculum consists of systematic courses of core educational subjects, specialized subjects and applied expansive subjects. The core education subjects promote the advanced knowledge necessary for flexible thinking and deep insight. The specialized subjects nurture the ability to apply knowledge as advanced professionals. The expansive education subjects equip an independent person with sufficient knowledge to work in scientific organizations, industries, and businesses. We offer an education program with Food, Agriculture, Environment and Resources sciences that helps students do extensive research in the tropical and subtropical areas, and thus enrich the ability to work in research and development based on an Asian and the Pacific concerns.

Master's Program

Courses Admission Capacity Areas of Study Degree
Subtropical Agriculture 35 Agro-Production Sciences Course Agricultural and Forest Economics,
Plant Breeding Science,
Sustainable Animal Ptoduction Science,
Human and Agricultural Symbiotic Science
Master of Agriculture
Agro-Environmental Sciences Course Plant Functional Science,
Animal Functional Science,
Forest Science, Ecology and Environmental Science
Regional Agricultural Engineering Course Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement and Rural Development Enginnering,
Rural Environmental Conservation and Disaster Prevention Engineering,
Biosystems Engineering
Bioscience and Biotechnology Course Biotechnology,
Food Science and Nutrition,
Fermentation and Life Science