Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management

SHIMOJI, Yoshiro
Dean SHIMOJI, Yoshiro

The Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial Management is comprised of two departments:Tourism Sciences (60 students) and Industrial Management (80 students).

The Faculty endeavors to contribute to society both locally and globally through education and research, particularly focused on the Asia-Pacific region.

The aim of the faculty is to prepare students to acquire theoretical and practical backgrounds to meet current and future social needs, and to play active and leading roles on a global basis. As shown in the Visit Japan Campaign, the growth of the tourism industry is one of the most important items on the national agenda, and tourism is considered to be a leading industry in Okinawa. The faculty is expected to prepare students to both support and lead this important industry.

Applying a strategic managerial approach, the faculty takes advantage of the diverse faculties of the University to train students to be “highly advanced and versatile professionals”. In order to attain the above goals, the faculty has established an education and research system with a fusion of both the humanities and the sciences to provide society with professionals equipped with interdisciplinary and practical academic achievements.

The faculty also promotes collaboration between industry, government, and the university to expedite the sustainable development of local industries.

Departments Admission Capacity Capacity of 3rd-year transfers Areas of Study Bachelor
Tourism Sciences 60 - Tourism Business,
Tourism Development,
Tourism Resource Management
Industrial Management Daytime Courses 60 - Business Administration,
Business Administration
Evening Courses 20 4