Faculty of Science

Dean YAMASAKI, Hideo

 On the coral island of Okinawa the Faculty of Science was established in 1950 to teach the core sciences including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. As Okinawa is famous for its unique mixed-culture (“champuru” in Okinawan dialect), the Faculty of Science has inherited diverse styles of U.S. and Japanese universities. In its early days, Michigan State University, the first Land-Grant University in the U.S.A., was a model for the University of the Ryukyus. Incorporating the Land-Grand tradition, the Faculty of Science has developed to offer not only the core sciences but also applied sciences such as Earth Sciences, Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Fisheries and Coral Reef Sciences, a unique characteristic that cannot be seen in other Faculty of Sciences in Japanese national universities. The Faculty of Science is currently composed of three departments: the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, and the Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science. These departments offer both undergraduate and graduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in five majors (Mathematics, Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Biology). A doctoral program in Marine and Environmental Sciences was also established in 1998. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Science has endeavored to cultivate capable individuals who contribute to the international cooperation and development of society. With our experience, and geographical and historical background, the Faculty of Science aspires to international excellence in subtropical sciences-something like no other.

Departments Admission Capacity Areas of Study Bachelor
Mathematical Sciences 40 Algebra and Geometry,
Mathematical Analysis,
Information Mathematics
Physics and Earth Sciences Physics Program 65 Theoretical Physics,
Experimental and Computational Physics,
Marine Geology,
Earth Science Program
Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science Chemistry Program 95 Physical and Organic Chemistry,
Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry,
Marine Chemistry
Ecology and Systematics,
Cell and Functional Biology,
Marine Biology
Biology Program