Faculty of Medicine

ISHIDA, Hajime
Dean ISHIDA, Hajime

The mission of the University of the Ryukyus School of Medicine is to nurture and train young medical doctors, biomedical researchers, health science professionals and other related medical practitioners, to gain the required professional skills, knowledge, and medical and bioscience ethics to be able to cope with the rapid advances in basic and clinical medical sciences. In addition, we are vigorously conducting basic and clinical research work about human diseases, especially those that have historical, cultural or socio-geographical features unique to Okinawa. These include tropical medicine related to the local environment, tropical infectious diseases that are no longer prevalent on the main island of Japan, longevity studies, genetic abnormalities, and natural food sciences of tropical plants and other natural biological resources.The School of Medicine strives to be a state-of-the-art medical and academic institution to advance clinical medicine, public health and social welfare, as well as basic medical sciences.

The School also endeavors to engage in academic exchanges and medical and health research collaborations with neighboring countries in Asia and beyond. As the sole medical education institution in Okinawa, we are pleased to nurture emerging medical doctors, nurses, medical technologists and other medical practitioners, to benefit the people of the region and general international community. Our graduates are playing a leading role in the health care of our region and making an active contribution to advances in medicine at an international level. As an internationally recognized research institution, along with our community-based hospitals, we are conducting competitive basic and clinical research to pursue advances in fields such as regenerative medicine research, infectious disease control, longevity studies, genetic disorders, and health food sciences. We are dealing with various contemporary medical issues that are not only universally important, but also unique to the island environment of Okinawa.

Our university hospital is recognized as having advanced clinical care facilities that can provide specialized and high quality medical care in the community. The hospital is also officially registered by the government of Japan as one of the distinguished cancer therapy facilities in Okinawa. This facility provides a special education program for physicians and research coordinators about cancer and other diseases in humans.

Our faculty contributes to maintaining the general welfare of people and improvement of medical and health standards for the local community. It also extends its activities to countries in the Asia-Pacific region as an internationally recognized medical and health science institution focused on the South.

School Admission Capacity Capacity of 2nd-year transfers Areas of Study Degree(Bachelor)
Medicine 112 5   Medicine
Health Sciences 60 - Fundamental Nursing,
Adult and Gerontological Nursing,
Maternal and Child Nursing,
Community Health Nursing,
Basic Laboratory Sciences,
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Health Sciences