Faculty of Law and Letters

HAMASAKI, Moriyasu
Dean HAMASAKI, Moriyasu

The aims of the Faculty of Law and Letters are to help students to gain a broad perspective, to obtain specialized knowledge, to have a positive international outlook, and to develop a sound and well-balanced personality.

Our faculty is comprised of three departments: Comprehensive Social Systems Studies, Human Sciences, and Languages and Cultures.

The Department of Comprehensive Social Systems Studies offers three majors: Law, Economics, and Political Science and International Relations. The department offers a wide range of courses in each specific area of study.

The Department of Human Sciences is comprised of three majors: Human Behavior, Sociology, and Regional Sciences. The department offers a variety of courses in Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology, Social Welfare, Mass Communications,

Social Anthropology, Ethnology, History, Human Geography, Geographical Information Science, and Physical Geography.

The Department of Languages and Cultures provides three majors: Ryukyuan and Asian studies, English Language and Culture and European Culture and Literature. The department offers both traditional courses as well as interdisciplinary classes, in which disciplines such as linguistics, literature, history, and cultures of the West and Asia are integrated systematically and organically. Also, in English Language and Culture, there is a major entitled Japan and International Affairs, which is intended for international students.

Furthermore, the Department of Comprehensive Social Systems Studies and the Department of Languages and Cultures offer classes for adult and working students in evening programs as well.

The Faculty of Law and Letters fosters research in a variety of areas. Let me share some of these with you.

Many historical materials relating to the Ryukyu Kingdom have been discovered recently in China and Taiwan, and impressive progress has been made through studies based on these historical materials. Our faculty hosts the Office of International Academic Conferences on the Relationship between Ryukyu and China, which holds international academic conferences and conducts joint surveys with Fujian Normal University (in China) and Academia Sinica (in Taiwan).

The Faculty of Law and Letters is also a center of research on Ryukyuan languages. Ryukyuan languages are comprised of various subdialects, and their linguistic difference is considered to be larger than that between Aomori dialect and Kagoshima dialect. Although many linguists both at home and abroad are engaged in research of various linguistic phenomena of the Ryukyuan languages, such as their sound systems and grammar,it is our own faculty that is at the center of these studies.

In addition, many of our faculty members are involved in research with Okinawa immigrant communities in areas including Hawai‘i and North and South America. Topics of this research include the history of Okinawan emigrants, the situation of their settlement in the host society, formulation of networks among Uchinaanchu, and so on. Our faculty has in this way become a base for migration studies nationwide.

Departments Admission Capacity Capacity of 3rd-year transfers Areas of Study Bachelor
Comprehensive Social Systems Studies Daytime Courses 170 12 Law Course,
Quantitative Economic Analysis,
Comparative Economic Analysis,
Policy Science,
International Relations
Policy Science and International Relations
Evening Courses 30 4
Human Sciences 95 3 Human Behavior,
History and Anthropology
Human Science
Languages and Cultures Daytime Courses 80 3 Ryukyu and Asian Studies,
English Language and Culture,
European Culture and Literature
Evening Courses 30 4