Faculty of Education

Dean KOTAGIRI, Tadato

The Faculty of Education has a specialized courses : School Teacher Training Course. Most graduates of the School Teacher Training Course become elementary and junior high school teachers. Some graduates go on to be employed as local government education administrators.

This Faculty of Education curriculum mainly provides future elementary and junior high school teachers and other education specialists with a solid command of pedagogical theories and methods, as well as practical skills. We’ll try to enrich those curriculum and activities in closer cooperation with attached schools, municipal schools and the other related organizations.

Recognizing the benefits of combining theory and practice, the faculty recommends students to observe and experience teaching not only at our attached schools but also at various public schools. Such regional involvement fosters the development of human resources, lesson-design, and curricula appropriate to the needs of each school in the region.

Course Admission Capacity Areas of Study Bachelor
Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Training Program 100 Japanese Language Education,
Social Sciences, Mathematics,
Natural Sciences, Educational physical,
Music, Arts,
Health and Physical Education,
Technology and Engineering Education,
Home Economics, English,
School Education, Special Needs Education
Lifelong Education Program 90 Lifelong Health Science,
Lifelong Sports,
Food and Nutritional Sciences