Faculty of Agriculture

INOUE, Syoji
Dean INOUE, Shoji

 The Faculty of Agriculture is the main academic institution of agriculture in Japan’s subtropical zone. The Faculty provides excellent education opportunities and conducts research on agro-forest production, agricultural development, environmental conservation, and bioresource utilization considering the subtropical island characteristics.

The Faculty of Agriculture has four departments: Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences, Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences, Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering, and Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology. The Department of Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences provides comprehensive education and conducts research on rational uses and recycling of regional resources in order to promote sustainable agriculture. The Department of Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences provides education and conducts research to increase the knowledge of living organisms related to agriculture and forestry for establishing better harmony between humans and the natural environment. The Department of Regional Agricultural Engineering provides education and conducts research on the development of subtropical rural space and biomass-recycling systems for generating sound environment. The Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology provides education and conducts research on the characteristics of subtropical bioresources and food resources, and development of usable components for functional food production.

Agriculture is characterized as an integrated science comprising fundamental as well as applied natural and social sciences. Therefore, Common classes at the Faculty and each Department as well as Department-based Selective classes are provided with appropriate balance as lectures, experiments, practices and seminars to develop and enhance professional skills based on the curriculum policy.

The Graduate School of Agriculture provides advanced education and research opportunities in its Master’s program with one major in Subtropical Agriculture. This Graduate program is conducted based on the four courses that are connected to each of the above Department. This program has been designed to develop high-level professional experts with the knowledge of broad and systematic fundamental theory as well as applied skills in the fields of life science, bioresource development and utilization, and so on, for the preservation and restoration of subtropical and regional agroforest environments. In addition, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences organized by Kagoshima University, Saga University and University of the Ryukyus has established a doctoral program for the students who aim to be professional researchers.

Departments Admission Capacity Capacity of 3rd-year transfers Course of Study Bachelor
Subtropical Agro-Production Sciences 35 - Agricultural and Forest Economics,
Plant Breeding Science,
Sustainable Animal Production Science,
Human and Agricultural Symbiotic Science
Subtropical Agro-Environmental Sciences 35 - Plant Functions Science,
Animal Functions Science,
Forest Science,
Ecology and Environmental Science
Regional Agricultural Engineering 25 - Biosystems Engineering,
Rural Environmental Engineering
Biochemistry and Biotechnology 35 5 Biotechnology,
Food Science and Nutrition,
Fermentation and Life Science